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The announcement in 2020 that the UK Government would become a major shareholder in OneWeb surprised many but, for those following the UK space industry, it was yet another example of how the UK is home to many of the disruptive forces transforming the space industry.

Many factors are contributing to the emergence of the UK as a hotbed of transformative change in the space industry. These include enterprises ranging from the new-ideas focused start-ups to the UK Space Agency, elevated sector-related government policy-making and investments, a highly dynamic sector-focused venture capital community, and a focused dialogue on how to educate, train and recruit new generations of talent to meet the domestic demands of the new paradigm.

Major space infrastructure projects underway in the UK include construction of the National Satellite Test Facility at RAL Space in Harwell, Space Park Leicester, the National Space Propulsion Test Facility at Westcott, and spaceports in Scotland, Wales, and England. Further, the Science & Technology Facilities Council of UK Research & Innovation has brought together information about the hundreds of test facilities across the UK available to support space manufacturing, business & innovation. Also, the UK is a member of the European Space Agency which – through ESA’s Technology Transfer and Business Incubation Office, takes in 180 new start-ups each year. In fact, more than 70 companies have graduated from the ESA BIC UK since it began in 2011.

This webinar will explore the ways the UK has become a hotbed for disruptive change in the space industry and what the future may bring as the UK becomes a centre of gravity of the new world of space.

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30 Sep 2021
3:00pm - 4:00pm BST

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